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Monday, July 8, 2013

The Boiling Crab, 18902 E Gale Ave Rowland Heights, CA 91748

February 16, 2013

Out for our 18th anniversary and probably would have been irritated by the long wait, but since we live pretty close, just went home and had a few glasses of wine and went back.


We got the Cajun fries-mild, which were still pretty hot, even to me, and the 1/2 lb of shrimp with corn-medium, which was way hot, but still really delicious.  Loved the hands on approach, essentially they bring your food in a bag and you bust it open right on the table, shrimp still have the shell, so it's a messy task.  Although they bib you up I still would advise against wearing white, or anything particularly delicate.


The decor is casual and interesting, there are personal messages and writings on the walls, allowed by the restaurant.  Lots of interesting pictures and things to look at, guess that gives you something to do while you are waiting...a long time, lol!!  Given the manner of eating the table wear is plastic table coverings and nothing fancy, but doesn't detract in any way, if anything adds to the unique ambiance of the place.  Everything was clean and orderly and restrooms had all necessary supplies and were neat and clean.

Customer Service:

Both Louie and I found everyone to be very courteous, knowledgeable, and friendly.  The absolutely great thing is that once you actually get seated your wait is over, you are greeted right away by your wait staff, promptly served drinks and everything you order begins coming in waves, so it's quite a heady experience, especially because it's so hot and spicy.

Overall Rating:

Louie:  4, thumbs up!  "It would be perfect, but the wait is a definite detractor.  Either way the food is delicious.
Monique:  3.5, thumbs up.  "I really enjoyed it, but being a busy mom if my hubby and I actually get a night out I'd really rather not spend a good portion of it waiting for a seat.

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Shrimp Ala Diabla

July 7, 2013

Well, ate out after services this morning, so definitely eating at home tonight, which in some ways is a relief, minus the heat, but I must say at least I know what I'm getting.  Of course we have our go-to favorites, but I'm really trying to branch out in the name of blogging interest, but like with Palermo's sometimes leaves much to be desired.  So anyway, as my whole family knows, I hope to see the audition halls of Master Chef one day, so have been working on recipes and presentation, and with that in mind this was dinner.

My version of shrimp ala diabla with lime flavored white rice (usually add fresh cilantro, but my nephew was here and doesn't like it...) and side of whole black beans.

My son the foodie, and critic, loved it, but my nephew, who does love seafood, found the shrimp too spicy for his tastes, and hubby loved it.  I love spice, so I enjoyed it, just didn't like the time it took to de-head, de-shell, and de-vein the damn shrimp, but now I have a quart of nice stock, so guess worth it in the end, lol!!

Emperor Mongolian BBQ, 138 N. Grand Ave., W. Covina, CA 91791

June 20, 2013

Food:  Frank "I think the food is great, they don't overcook it, and I like the sauce they put on, it's Awesome.!!"  For me, I love this place too!  However, know ahead that this is a do it yourself kind of place, you get seated at your table, then grab your bowl and go to it.  They have a salad bar like set-up where you can choose beef, chicken, or pork and a plentiful assortment of veggies, then sauces at the end to top off your meal.  Beverages are $1, and although they say it is limited to 4 refills, I've never been charged for that.  While you are assembling your bowl the wait staff has brought your drink, wonton chips, hot bread pockets (awesome), and soup(could live without) to the table.  They Emperor Mongolian BBQ on Urbanspoon

used to bring steamed rice, and still will, but only if you ask for it. 

Decor/Cleanliness:  Decor is nothing special and the customer service is fast and expedient, remembering of course that you are doing a good part of the legwork yourself.  However, the staff is very good at making sure your drinks are refilled, quick to bring you boxes and your final check, and the cooks, wow, they really earn their money's worth!!  The restroom is always clean and well kept as is the restaurant in general.

Note:  If you are going here for the 1st time, pls add oil and at least 3 scoops of the house sauce or something of your choice.  Understand the grill they cook on is EXTREMELY hot and will burn off most of what your put on your bowl, so over do it, because the absolute BEST is when you get to the bottom of your bowl and take those last final bites with the juice and mop it up with the Mongolian biscuit and go to food it!!!  

Capriotti's Sandwich Shop, 505 N. Grand Ave., Walnut, CA

June 19, 2013

So after swim, again hungry, but wanting to try something new, so we hit up Capriotti's Sandwich Shop on the corner of Grand Ave. and Valley Blvd. in Walnut.  All I can say is glad we did!!!

Food:  Well, hands down, awesome.  Frank ordered a ham and cheese sandwich and I ordered their Italian, needless to say he loved his, but ate a good portion of mine.   Both were outstanding!

Decor/Cleanliness:  The place is very small, mostly a to-go place, but there is seating for about 8-10, but everything is exceptionally clean, and the customer service is great!  After we ate, which neither of us could even touch our second half, I went to the restroom, and am happy to report that it was exceptionally clean, smelled nice, and there was hand soap, toilet covers, hand towels, no trash on the floor, and overall somewhere I would feel comfortable using, but it is unisex, only one restroom for the restaurant.  Additionally, I observed employees wearing gloves when touching your sandwich ingredients, and I also saw that those same gloves were changed when necessary.

Customer Service:  Awesome, awesome, each person working there was engaged, friendly and happy, couldn't ask for anything more.


For just a sandwich (reg. size), under $10, and if you add chips, drink, etc. will go up from there depending on what size sandwich, drink, etc.

Overall Rating:

Frank:  4, thumbs up, loved it, bread wasn't soggy, and the meat wasn't fatty
Monique:  4, thumbs up. loved it, the meat and cheeses were high quality, bread was very good

Note:  Depending on your appetite and size, a regular sandwich is easily enough to split between two people, or in my case, Frank and and I came home and packaged up his half and mine for Louie:s lunch, since he was working nights!!  And sorry I didn't take any pics, we both got so caught up in our sandwiches that I forgot until it was too late!!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Palermo's Italian Restaurant, 646 E Shopper's Ln, Covina, CA

June 18, 2013

Frank was famished after swim and wanted some Italian, so I got on Yelp and UrbanSpoon to seewhat was in the area.  Found Palermo's Italian in Covina, looked like a cozy family place, so we figured we'd give it a shot.

Food:  Salad, soup and garlic knots were quite good.  However, main courses were a different story.  Frank ordered manicotti, and while the sauce was very tasty and definitely homemade, the dish was way too heavy on the cheese.  Frank even commented that he thought they used poor quality cheese, because long after he had swallowed the pasta and sauce he was still chewing mozarella like Double Bubble, and kept doing so until I made him spit it out.  I ordered the Palermo house special pasta, which was described as pasta with olive oil, garlic and fresh vegetables.  Sounded like a nice light lunch; however, as you can, see what I got was essentially a chowmein in my opinion.  In fact I boxed and brought it home and made it with Chinese style spicy shrimp.  Given the quality and that both plates, with soup or salad and bread, were $10, felt it was overpriced.

Decor/Cleanliness:  Decor was relatively non-existent, although we are not opposed to the dive establishment so long as the food is awesome.  However, that being said, I could easily have gotten past that had the sanitary conditions not been horrific.  After we ate I looked for the restroom, which you had to walk through the back-end of the restaurant, past their sink (which had a strainer of some sort in the drain hole beneath filled with compost materials...ughh, and the horribly dark, unkempt actual cooking area.  The restroom itself was dirty, their was urine on the seat and no paper towels, which of course made me wonder what in the world the employees were washing their hands with and drying with what???  Not to mention that the woman who served us was also preparing food, saw her when I went to see the restroom, and cashiering, thus handling filthy money and our food, and I did not once see her wash her hands.  So overall, pretty disgusted.

Overall Rating:

Frank:  2, thumbs down
Monique:  1, thumbs down and I think if he'd seen the restroom he too would have given it at 1!
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