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Monday, July 8, 2013

Emperor Mongolian BBQ, 138 N. Grand Ave., W. Covina, CA 91791

June 20, 2013

Food:  Frank "I think the food is great, they don't overcook it, and I like the sauce they put on, it's Awesome.!!"  For me, I love this place too!  However, know ahead that this is a do it yourself kind of place, you get seated at your table, then grab your bowl and go to it.  They have a salad bar like set-up where you can choose beef, chicken, or pork and a plentiful assortment of veggies, then sauces at the end to top off your meal.  Beverages are $1, and although they say it is limited to 4 refills, I've never been charged for that.  While you are assembling your bowl the wait staff has brought your drink, wonton chips, hot bread pockets (awesome), and soup(could live without) to the table.  They Emperor Mongolian BBQ on Urbanspoon

used to bring steamed rice, and still will, but only if you ask for it. 

Decor/Cleanliness:  Decor is nothing special and the customer service is fast and expedient, remembering of course that you are doing a good part of the legwork yourself.  However, the staff is very good at making sure your drinks are refilled, quick to bring you boxes and your final check, and the cooks, wow, they really earn their money's worth!!  The restroom is always clean and well kept as is the restaurant in general.

Note:  If you are going here for the 1st time, pls add oil and at least 3 scoops of the house sauce or something of your choice.  Understand the grill they cook on is EXTREMELY hot and will burn off most of what your put on your bowl, so over do it, because the absolute BEST is when you get to the bottom of your bowl and take those last final bites with the juice and mop it up with the Mongolian biscuit and go to food it!!!